By David F. Harris

The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires 

Better information for Better Decisions

This book is a user-friendly, comprehensive guide for planning and writing questionnaires for survey research. It includes specific guidelines on how to make questions clear, answerable, easy and unbiased. It also has guidelines on how to ask people to select from a list, rate things on a scale, and answer open-ended questions. It also has a review of how to properly pretest a questionnaire, commonly known as cognitive interviewing.

David Harris

Best Selling Author

David F. Harris

David has over 20 years of experience in leadership in marketing research and organizational development. His passion is helping organizations get the information and insights needed for better decision-making. He is committed to building value for the organization through consulting, the application of thoughtful marketing research, training, and commitment to principles and goals. He can often show an organization how to make better decisions and grow revenues, while saving money, at the same time.


You are crazy to write a questionnaire without reading this book first. And who knew a book about gathering data could be so much fun to read? You’ll buy it for the practical value of getting questionnaires right, but along the way you’ll absorb a lot of fascinating lessons about psychology and logical thinking.”

– Dan Heath,
co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive


Developing a good questionnaire is not as simple as is often assumed. This book is clearly based on a great deal of personal experience, as well as informed by the work of others who have studied the complexities of the question-answer process– whatever one’s goals.”

– Howard Schuman, Professor of Sociology and Research Scientist, Emeritus, University of Michigan

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